How old is old enough to leave your kids at home alone? Times are changing I can remember when my parents left me alone at home with my sister. My sister was 13 and I was nine years old. We also lived in a very rural area not many people lived in my town.

Some parents have two jobs and some parents cannot afford a sitter. When is it legal to let a child stay home alone. What does the law say?

According to the Department of Human Services in Partnership with CO4Kids, they say that age should be a big consideration but should not be the only criteria for leaving your child alone.

Here are some things to think about:

  • Is my child mature enough to stay home alone to make the right decisions?
    Can they be left unsupervised?
  • Do they know what to do in the event of danger and who to contact in case of an emergency
  • Are they confident in being at home alone without supervision?

According to CDHS, it is generally accepted that by age 12 a child can be left alone for short periods.

Each child is different so it really depends on the maturity level of that child. There are some children older than 12 who shouldn't be left alone.

If you need more information on leaving your child home alone check out the CO4Kids tab titled "When is it legal to leave children alone?"

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