'American Idol' runner-up Lauren Alaina saw her life change in drastic ways after Season 10 wrapped up. While the 18-year-old high school senior and 'Georgia Peaches' singer strives to have a 'normal' life, it can be challenging to find a significant other who understands the life of a musician. Alaina recently dished on her new boyfriend and how he fits into her jam-packed life. 

The 'Eighteen Inches' singer tells the Boot that her new beau is "the one thing that's still normal in my life. He's a senior in high school, he's a normal guy, he's very respectful to adults and he stays out of trouble. My best friend and I were talking about him and she was like, 'I want someone just like him.'"

Although we're a little disappointed this crushes rumors of McLaina, it sounds like both of the most recent 'American Idol' stars are happy just being friends and fellow musicians, as Scotty McCreery has recently disclosed he may be dating as well. He probably echoes Alaina's sentiments that "it's hard, when you're in this business, to find people who accept this life."

While Alaina works on her sophomore project, hopefully she'll have time to sneak in a few dates with the mystery boyfriend, who she describes as "really great," adding that she's "been pretty lucky with this new guy." We'll have to see if he inspires her songwriting; as of right now, it sounds like he makes her a very happy girl!

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