What are your kids doing this summer in Grand Junction's? Here's the city recreation guide to all activities available to keep our children busy.

I grew up in the country with horses, dogs and cats. So, my parents really didn't have any problem getting me and my two brothers OUT of the house. There was always something to do. There was the barn, the hayloft, the silo, building that used to be a bar called 'Kelly's' the woods, huge fields, lake down the road etc, just an outdoor cornucopia. Couldn't ask for anything better.

If I had grown up here in Grand Junction, my parents would have had put out an A.P.B on me. With the weather, the Colorado river and of course all the gorgeous mesa and trails being home inside would not have been easy to get me to do. From Lincoln Park pool to Monument Park to 4 wheeling and camping opportunities, I'm a little jealous of you who did grow up here.

I was thinking about that while I was talking to Shawn Birch who is the City of Grand Junction's Recreation Coordinator on air Thursday morning. It looks like the GJ area has numerous events, camps and activities to keep the kids busy this summer.

What was your favorite Grand Junction summertime activity as a kid? Head to our comments section.

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