Joaquin Phoenix knows a pullout couch when he sees one—even if its own owner isn’t aware of its convenient (and comfy!) extras. On last night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ guest Joaquin Phoenix somehow hit upon the idea that he and host Jimmy Kimmel should pop into bed to close out the show. Where do ideas come from? What day is it? Where will someone find a bed on the stage of a late night talk show?

In the couch. Of course the couch! While Kimmel himself seemed skeptical that his own couch secretly harbored a pullout bed, Phoenix knew better. Consider this a world-rocking, game-changing adventure for both men. And if this isn’t the strangest plug for Phoenix’s ‘Inherent Vice’ yet, well, just wait, there will probably be something weirder soon. At least this one is snuggly.

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