So, wow. We did it, guys. Hopefully you voted in Tuesday’s election, and your opinion was collated among millions of others. Regardless of who you voted for, I’m proud of you for exercising your political agency. You go, my friend. And I think we can all agree that this election season was, shall we say, “a lot.”

But you know what isn’t a lot? Or is a lot in the best way possible? The ultimate coming together of two very disparate peoples in a heart-warming demonstration of devotion. That’s right, I’m talking about CBS4’s story of how two Jefferson County deputies found a new best friend on Tuesday-- in a twenty-five-pound wild turkey. On North Turkey Creek Road. May wonders never cease.

CBS Denver, photo credit: Jeffco Sheriff
CBS Denver, photo credit: Jeffco Sheriff

The entire meet-cute was chronicled by Deputy Fischer’s body cam when she first called out to the lucky bird, who preceded to follow the deputies back to their patrol car. And because she is a strong, independent turkey who goes after what she wants, the fowl followed her new besties all the way to the street in spite of how they tried to shoo her away with their batons. Now that’s true loyalty.  Unfortunately, said turkey had to let the deputies continue with their day, but I’m sure they made plans for a coffee date on Saturday.

TL;DR: May we all strive to be as open and friendly as the turkey of North Turkey Creek Road.

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