Last Friday, musician and photographer Jeff Pine presented a special concert event with good friends Joe Allen and Huey Plumleigh. Take a look back at this wonderful performance and listen to music from these remarkable songwriters.

Apparently, the guys removed most of the contents from their living room and hauled it down to "On Stage at Back Porch Music" for the event.  The audience enjoyed a very warm, "family" environment, complete with sofa and foliage. The comfy setting greatly added to the relaxed, personal ambiance the entertainers were no doubt hoping to provide.

Waylon Jordan

In some instances, the audience enjoyed Jeff Pine solo, and in other cases, Jeff along with Joe, or perhaps even Joe and Huey. Basically, if you break it down, there were ultimately seven different combinations of acts which could be formed from the various combinations.

Waylon Jordan

The audience enjoyed hearing original music from each performer. New music from established songwriters with remarkable discographies made for a unique evening. The authenticity Joe Allen brought to the Country atmosphere was unmatched. Of course, Jeff brings his special insight as a Naturalist to his songwriting and performing. Huey, as you may very well know, is an accomplished soloist, and an all around nice guy.

"On Stage at Back Porch Music" makes for an excellent venue with the comfortable seating, lighting contrast, and candlelight at each table.

Jeff Pine will be returning to "On Stage at Back Porch Music" on Thursday, December 5th at 7:00 pm for a special fundraising concert benefiting a local music scholarship.