When did jaywalking across 5th Street in downtown Grand Junction become a sport? Have you made it down 5th Street lately without someone walking right out in front of you?

My route takes me down 5th at least twice per day. Personally, I can't recall the last time someone didn't walk right out in front of me as if 2,000 pounds of steel weren't barreling towards them. When did this become a fad?

Two weeks ago a family chose the middle of 5th Street as a place for a group hug. My guess is a family member just arrived on the Greyhound, and the ensemble felt the middle of the road was a great place to engage in a warm embrace. That's fine, except I was the lead car in a pack of at least 20 cars heading towards them at 35 MPH.

A couple of weeks ago, right in the middle of one of the high wind episodes we experienced, two ladies walked across 5th to the Alpine Bank Building. At no time did they even look up to see if any traffic might be coming. In this instance, it was. Plenty of it.

Earlier this morning, two grown adults literally walked right out into oncoming traffic. I am willing to admit to having jaywalked myself. In my case, though, I wait for a clear block. I have no desire to look like a 1980s Frogger video game.

One can't help but think there's a perception that foot traffic can simply cut across the street, and motor traffic is required to stop.

Unfortunately, I'm uncertain as to the cure for this epidemic. Has anyone ever received a jaywalking ticket in Grand Junction? I've never heard of it. Perhaps it's time.

Let's take it easy when crossing 5th Street in Grand Junction. It's not like there aren't designated crosswalks each block. If you must jaywalk, please wait for a break in traffic. Those large metal objects are not figments of your imagination. I'm 100 percent confident no motorist on the road wants to hurt anyone. Unfortunately, if a motorist can't see you, they simply can't see you. Let's all be a little more cautious.

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