Jamie Lynn Spears, the baby sister of Britney Spears, is forging her own, post-Nickelodeon career path with her first country single 'How Could I Want More.' The video for the ballad wisely keeps things simple, so that we focus on Spears' beautiful voice and her slice-of-life-and-love song without too many gets-in-the-way visuals drawing attention away from what matters most.

We'll admit that Jamie Lynn, the former star of the 'Zoey 101' kids show on Nick, is distractingly pretty, and she looks like the spitting image of her big, pop star sis.

But the 'How Could I Want More' director wisely chose to position her standing in front of a microphone, backed by an accompanying acoustic guitarist, spliced with some black and white studio footage. She's dressed in dark, non-flashy clothing, which also suggests that she is a serious artist.

The video gives us just enough of what we need of Jamie Lynn Spears at this point. We get a sense of her voice and who she is as an artist, as opposed to all the baggage that comes along with being a pop star's little sister and one who got pregnant at 16, to boot.

It is her voice and the song that capture our attention wholly!

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