Colorado has no shortage of great hikes with amazing views and examples of the state's famous natural beauty. In addition, because of the state's history of mining in the early days, there are countless mines that have been abandoned.

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However, it's typically advised to not visit the majority of these mines due to safety and legal reasons, but one picturesque hike outside of Grand Junction leads to what is known as a mica mine which is much less dangerous to visit.

Beautiful Colorado Hike Leads to Mica Mine

Mica is a shiny, flaky group of minerals that can come in numerous different colors, but the most common variety is either white or a shiny off-white color.

While it looks like it could be a single mineral, there are actually 37 different minerals that make up what we know as mica.

The mica mine we're going to check out is located south of the city of Grand Junction, Colorado in what is known as BLM Bangs Canyon Management Area. On this hike, you'll encounter numerous different and beautiful rock formations until you begin to notice the flaky, white mica accumulating at your feet.

The 2.6-mile hike is considered easy and takes roughly two hours to complete. Because it's classified as "easy," this particular hike is enjoyed by hikers of all ages, including children.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual tour of the hike including some of the rock formations and numerous different examples of mica at the conclusion of this amazing hike:

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