Telluride Ski Resort is one of the most famous in the state of Colorado and beyond. Each year, countless skiers and snowboarders flock to the mountain to enjoy some of the best world-class skiing around.

However, not all of Telluride is designed for skiers looking for a leisurely day on the slopes, as there are numerous runs on the mountain reserved for expert skiers only. Keep scrolling to learn about Telluride's Gold Hill Chutes.

Telluride Colorado's Gold Hill Chutes are Not for Beginners

Recently, the Telluride Daily Planet announced the opening of Gold Hill Chutes 6 through 9 which likely left some readers with questions, but others presumedly took the news with great joy.

The Gold Hill Chutes consist of ten expert-level ski runs, most of which require a hike in order to reach.

Chutes one and two are the exception as they are reachable via chairlift but are still some of the roughest runs in the state.

Unfortunately, chutes three, four, and five proved too problematic for skiers and Ski Patrol alike and have been permanently closed because of this.

However, in order to reach the last four chutes, skiers must hike past the aforementioned closed chutes as chutes six, seven, eight, nine, and ten are the highest in elevation on Gold Hill, with chutes nine and ten requiring the longest hikes.

While the Gold Hill Chutes at Telluride Ski Resort are certainly exhilarating for experienced skiers, beginners are discouraged from attempting them. However, Telluride Ski Resort offers amazing skiing for skiers of all skill levels from beginners to adrenaline-seeking advanced skiers who favor some of the roughest ski runs in Colorado, the Gold Hill Chutes.

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