Part of what makes Colorado so special is the people themselves. 

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While many are happy about the less amount of transplants moving to Colorado, we still tend to be a more laid back group of people than most (Unless you’re bringing road rage into the picture).

However, we’ve been known to house some incredible community spirit, with people coming together to over some 

While we can wax poetic about how nice we are, there has actually been some research done that backs these claims.

As it would turn out, we are one of the nicest states in the entire country.

Colorado Ranked as the 7th Nicest State in the United States


The Travel compiled a list of the nicest states in the entire country. They did so by using studies from the World Population Review and Big 7 Travel

In a lot of studies, the methodology is complicated and uses a lot of different statistics to find an answer.

In this case, the World Population Review and Big 7 Travel used their massive social media followings of over 2.5 million users to determine which states were the nicest.

Colorado got a 7th place ranking, with tourists noting that the residents are always willing to help out. The Travel noted that the fact our unemployment rate was so low and having more free time meant we were more chill. 

I’m not sure about that, but the overwhelming number of people who say we’re some of the friendliest in the country means much more.

What State is the Friendliest, and Who is the Rudest?


Despite being known for its frigid temperatures, the warmest people in the country are located in Minnesota. 

In fact, people there are so nice that the term “Minnesota Nice” has been given to them for their incredible hospitality. In general, the people there seem absolutely lovely.

On the other hand, the rudest state in the country probably is no surprise; New York.

To be fair, most of this probably comes from New York City, where the fast lifestyle makes it so that anyone who slows down will get run over (metaphorically, of course).

What do you think? Have you felt welcomed here in Colorado? Have you tried to make people not from here feel more welcomed?

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