There are more than a few hot air balloon festivals in Colorado each year, but the one that happens in Craig, is one that we all should check out, at least once.

It's about a four-hour car drive from Denver to Craig, but it's completely worth it, if you love hot air balloons, car shows, live music and an odd boat regatta.

When you're looking for something "new to do this summer," this is a great option.

The power plant and the coal mine that supports the power plant in Craig will case operation in 2030. What happens after that remains to be seen, but it probably won't stop the annual Moffat Hot Air Balloon Festival from taking place.

The 3-day weekend August, 2nd through 4th in 2024, includes hot air balloons, a 5K, a duck derby, bingo, food vendors, a beer garden and the annual car show; but the one thing that makes the Moffat County Hot Air Balloon Festival stand out, is that Cardboard Boat Regatta.

Colorado Hot Air Balloon Festival Includes Cardboard Boat Regatta

Cardboard Boat Regatta
Facebook/Moffat County Hot Air Balloon Festival

Entrants design their boats, and construct them (under the guidelines) and set sail. It has to be one of the most fun things to watch; with awards given for:

  • Fastest - With the boat still being intact and with all team members still being in the boat.
  • Best Design.
  • The Titanic Award - for the most spectacular sinking.
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