Let's file this under W for "well, obviously."

USA Today has released their list of 10 "Best Beer Cities in the US," and it will come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever that one of our very own cities right here in the state has made the top ten.

The obvious Colorado city comes in at #4 on the list, ahead of:

10. Santa Rosa, California
9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8. Asheville, North Carolina
7. Indianapolis, Indiana
6. Jacksonville, Florida
And 5. Richmond, Virginia.

The list so far is made up of some pretty big cities, so surely #4 on this list is Denver, right? Wrong!

Ranking #4 on USA Today's list of best US cities for beer is Fort Collins, Colorado, of course! Home to more than 20 different craft breweries including some nationally recognized like New Belgium, Odell's and many others, Fort Collins continues to serve as a mecca of beer not only in the state, but in the western United States as a whole.

Topped only by Columbus, Ohio, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Grand Rapids, Michigan on the list, Fort Collins' number of breweries per capita is among the highest in the nation.

Dog-Friendly Breweries in Fort Collins, Colorado

These Fort Collins breweries allow guests to bring their dogs along.

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Colorado-based Breweries

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