As a pet parent, I will do anything for my dog. Our pup has had plenty of ups and downs over the past few years. From allergies to inflamed intestines, bug bites, and more, We have shelled out our fair share of cash to keep her happy and healthy.


One of the things our dog loves the most is car rides. However, we noticed she would scratch her face and eyes so much after one of those adventurous rides. So what did we do? The only logical answer was to buy her goggles and they helped her so much.


Being a pet parent means we take pride in watching out for the well-being of our dogs and cats. I was surprised to learn one tree that grows in Colorado is toxic to not only pets but children too.

Toxic Trees in Colorado Could Make Your Pet Sick

These trees are all over Colorado and I lovingly refer to them as a green bean tree. I didn't know what the official name for the tree was until I read about a dog in Denver getting sick from these trees on KDVR.

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These trees are called Kentucky Coffeetrees and they produce large pods with seeds in them every year in Colorado. While these pods may look fun and innocent, they are anything but that. According to the USDA, the Kentucky Coffeetree is toxic to livestock, humans, and pets.  There are even reports of cattle being killed after drinking water that leaves and seeds from the tree had contaminated.

What Does a Kentucky Coffeetree Pod Look Like?

You should make yourself aware of what a toxic Kentucky Coffeetree pod looks like so both you and your pet can steer clear of them. In the summer months, they may look like giant green beans hanging from a tree. They look more like an over-ripe banana in the later fall and winter months.

See more photos of the toxic Kentucky Coffeetree at

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