Someone took it upon themselves to add an item to this sign posted outside a vacant building in Grand Junction. Dismissing for the moment the act of vandalism, does the person responsible for the addition to the sign have a point? Before you answer, please take a moment to consider an interesting piece of irony associated with this sign.

This sign can be found at the vacant City Market store at 1st Street and Orchard Avenue. That store is located directly next door to West Middle School, and as you can imagine, the lot sees more than a few skateboarders and bicyclists.

The irony is this: A public skate park exists right next door to the building where this sign was posted. As a matter of fact, the park is a matter of a few dozen feet from the location of this sign.

Google Maps

The two red X's above indicate the skate park and the location of where the sign is placed on the building.

As you look around the valley, you'll discover signs with the word "no" abound. Many skateboarders and cyclists have voiced their frustration with signs such as these, claiming they limit their access to area businesses, and in their opinion, their access to "fun."

At the same time, the grocery store building and its lot are obviously private property. When the store was in operation, the safety and convenience of its customers was paramount. One can hardly blame them for wanting to keep the walkway in front of the building free from potential hazards.

Was the person responsible for making the addition out of line with their opinion? Granted, defacing private property is illegal, and this graffiti is a crime in and of itself. Then again, should the person making the complaint have simply skated a few feet directly West of the sign and utilized the park, funded by tax payer dollars, and kept their opinions to themselves?