I was at Grandview Cemetery in Fort Collins recently on a quest to find one of the most haunted places in Northern Colorado. I had heard the stories about the Volunteer Firefighters Memorial Fireman's Statue, which was dedicated to the Volunteer Fire Department in 1909

According to legend, the statue's eyes have been known to turn red, although I have never seen it myself...and no, they didn't light up while I was there.

My buddy Drew tells it like this:

Several years ago some students from Poudre High School decided to have a party gathering at Grandview cemetery. It was late at night and the party goers were having a good time. The party came to an abrupt halt when the attendees swear that the eyes of the Firefighter started glowing red. Since that time it has been said that under certain conditions near midnight, you can see the Firefighter’s Eyes glow red, especially if you are disrespecting the peacefulness and restfulness of those laying to rest.

So why would it be haunted?

This might be a reason. There is a plaque on the statue in memory of former Fort Collins Fire Chief Clifford Carpenter. According to an article from Waymarking.com:

One of the worst fires in the history of Fort Collins occurred in June, 1965. The blaze began in Bowen's Book Store at College and Oak at about 10:20 p.m. By midnight the bookstore, Collinado Drug, the State Dry Goods Co., and other offices were destroyed. Fire Chief Clifford Carpenter was killed while fighting the fire.

So is the legend true? I am planning a midnight visit at some point to find out.



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