Did you know Grand Junction has a park that's good for dogs, but it's not actually a dog park?

Wait a minute. A park for dogs that isn't really a dog park? What in the world are you talking about?

It's Not A Dog Park

Grand Junction has a fairly new park that you might not have discovered. It's not a dog park like the ones we have out at Canyon View or at Las Colonias that are fenced in and dogs can run free. No, this is a park that anyone can use, but dogs are very welcome -- on a leash.

I discovered the new Intermountain Veterans Memorial Park recently when I visited the Mesa County Fairgrounds. It's part of the evolution of the entire fairgrounds area in recent years. If you haven't been out there lately, you need to check it out.

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Intermountain Veterans Memorial Park is At the Mesa County Fairgrounds

The park is located just west of the fairgrounds arena, and this park is huge. There is a large open grassy area with a concrete walking path around the entire park. It's a great place for a walk with or without a dog.

As you will see in the gallery below, dogs are indeed welcome at Intermountain Veterans Memorial Park - but, as with all local parks not designated as dog parks, your canine friend needs to be leashed. I know people want their dogs to run free, but, you never know how interactions with other dogs will go- plus, it can make people very uncomfortable to see a strange dog running toward them.

The Grand Junction Park For Dogs That Is Not A Dog Park

Dogs are welcome at Intermountain Veterans Memorial Park, but if you are walking your dog here, it needs to be on a leash. Here's a look at a great place for a walk-with or without a dog - at the Mesa County Fairgrounds.

Grand Junction Parks You Need to Visit This Summer

Each of the parks in Grand Junction is unique in its own way.

Some are large, some are quite small, but they all provide a getaway from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Hopefully, you can visit one or more of these parks in the months ahead, and maybe even discover a favorite new Grand Junction destination.

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