Everyone knows that real estate across the country right now is hot, it's definitely a seller's market. You're finding lots of bidding wars going on over property that is for sale because there just doesn't seem to be enough affordable housing anywhere and that includes us here in Western Colorado. But this also means the value of homes is skyrocketing right now. According to KREX, the median price for a single residential property in Mesa County has increased 20 percent year over year.

Beginning on May 1st the Mesa County Assessor's Office started to send out their annual notices of value to property owners which is what brought the significant increase to everyone's attention. This is leading more homeowners to look at the possibility of selling their home to make money, but even with some deciding to sell, there isn't enough inventory.

How Low is Housing Inventory in Mesa County Right Now?

For example in March of 2020 there were 643 homes for sale in Mesa County, in March of 2021 there were only 182 homes for sale. It's all about supply and demand. If there is a high demand for homes and inventory is low, the value of homes are going to increase. It makes sense.

Home Owners Can Protest Their New Home Value with the Mesa County Assessor's Office

If you disagree with the notice of value assessment done by the Mesa County Assessor's Office you do have the right to protest their assessment. But the protest needs to be filed prior to June 1st, 2021 and you can do that by clicking here.

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