Five DUIs. Been deported twice. In Colorado jail, again.

This ought to be fun to watch people here on the Western Slope react to this guy.

Pedro Reynaldo Tun has lived, illegally, in the United States since he was 13 years old. He has just been convicted of his fifth drunk driving charge. He has also earlier been convicted of vehicular homicide in Douglas County. Tun was driving when he got into an accident. His passenger was killed.

The website has the complete (which is amazing to read). For his latest arrest, he has been sentenced to 15 years. However, he knows he will probably only serve a third of that and then be released. He may be deported after that, but it sure sounds like he will be back.

But, here is the Colorado eye-opener. It is estimated that the taxpayers of this state, that's YOU and ME, will wind up spending roughly $1 million on just this one guy. Remember, he is not even a citizen.

He did drop some CLASSIC quotes during an interview:

  • I’m here alone and I like to drink.”
  • “I wasn’t driving drunk, I was just over the limit.”
  • “One time it was easy, the other time it wasn’t.'
  • “No. You know who will benefit is the coyotes because they are going to charge more.”

What should we do with this guy?

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