Yesterday, while pulling into the parking lot at Two Rivers, this vanity plate was spotted on the car in front of me. Now, for the first time in my life, I want one. If you were to get a vanity plate tomorrow, what would it say?

I stuck around long enough to see who crawled out of the car. As it turns out, it wasn't Michael Dorn, the actor who plays Lt. Worf on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." One can only assume the owner of the car is a fellow Star Trek fan.

Now I have to go get a "MRSPCK" plate, or a "CPN-KRK' plate. Smart money says "NCC1701" is long since taken.

What would your plate say? The number of characters allowed on a vanity plate varies from state to state. For our purposes today, let us assume you could use up to seven characters, with a hyphen counting as one-half a character.

Let us know what your plate would say. We've included some obvious options that might appeal to you. In the event you don't see your option,  write it in, and we'll add it to the list. Be specific! You can spell it out the way you would like it to read.