There was a fuel mixup at the Circle K in Colorado Springs. The mix up happened when a man filling the tanks for unleaded fuel and diesel fuel got the lines mixed up and put the wrong fuel in each tank.

Uh Oh! Drivers didn't realize anything was wrong until they were a few miles from the gas station and their cars broke down. If you live here in Grand Junction and you filled up your car there on your way home you probably didn't get more than a few miles from the gas station before you noticed something was wrong.

The company that delivered the fuel was Streamline Petroleum, they spent a good amount of time pumping out the wrong fuel they put in on Sunday.

There were lots of folks filling up their tanks with the wrong fuel at the Circle K gas station near US Highway 24 and State Highway 94 in Colorado Springs. There has been no official word on who is paying for the broken cars.

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