Geez, whatever happened to flowers and holding the door open?

A lovestruck man in Pittsburgh trying to impress his date in the wee hours of Tuesday morning by jumping from one building to another wound up getting stuck between them.

The man, 22-year-old Grant Birdsong, had to be saved by a team of paramedics, policemen and public works officials after the object of his desire realized he was in peril and called 911.

Birdsong, who may have suffered a broken ankle, wound up falling three stories and was freed after a four-hour rescue, which featured authorities knocking open a wall inside a Qdoba, according to one official:

It appears there were three walls that we had to go through and also we had people on the roof, one of the paramedics did rappel down the three stories to render assistance and to get a landmark as to where he was."

While being placed in an ambulance, he gave a thumbs-up signal to the girl. It's unclear if she's going to stay with him.

It's also unclear if Birdsong will face any charges.

The incident also wreaked havoc on Bruegger's Bagels, which was located in one of the buildings and posted a sign apologizing to customers for opening late.

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