Okay, I wasn't really talking to Jerry Seinfeld, but, I was watching him and George Costanza (Jason Alexander) converse in a cafe during the Super Bowl Halftime Show and it reminded me of Sienfeld episode and yada yada yada ...

I know too many people who "shorten" or "finish" sentences with with I call a "short cut". Hence "yada yada yada."

It drives me nuts because I don't really know what they are trying to say sometimes or even the point to the story, but I feel too stupid to ask, and it makes me look like an idiot. To me it's like a smokescreen, or maybe it's just easier to finish the sentence that way.

Other "short cuts" people use that drive me crazy:

  • da da da
  • etc, etc, etc
  • blah, blah, blah
  • you know what I'm sayin?
  • and this and that and this and that
  • and anyway

Which one drives you crazy? I can't be the only one, blah blah blah ...

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