One man caught two enormous trout at Twin Lakes on Wednesday.

Both were short of record size by a few inches, but how many 35 inches long, 16-pound trout have you ever caught? By the way, the state record for lake trout is 46 7/8 inches long and was caught at Morrow Point Reservoir.

I can tell you I have never come close to catching a fish that size, this gut caught two!

Michael Atwood is an aquatic biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife and was fishing at Twin Lakes, about 25 miles north of Buena Vista and is a popular recreation area.

If you're pretty good at fishing, you have a chance to catch these same fish as all lake trout between 22 and 34 inches have to be released, and you can only bag one lake trout.

How does one catch a fish like that? CPW recommends fishing from a boat and using deep water jigs tipped with sucker meat to catch lake trout.

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