Have you encountered this piece of equipment at your local health club? It's been showing up at gyms around Grand Junction. What is it, and how do you use it?

It's called a "log." That's right, log, or in some cases, a Strongman Log. According to Google, a Strongman Log:

...is traditionally used by those that compete or train for Strongman Events, but can also be seen in CrossFit WOD's. Its purpose is as with any other specialty lifting implement and that is to increase the strength of the trainee by using an awkward piece of equipment. - Google.com

The piece of equipment pictured above was found at Monument Fitness in Grand Junction. You'll notice in the picture above there are no weights added to it. That's precisely how much weight I had on it the last time I lifted it. According to the manufacturer, the empty weight of the bar comes in at 67 pounds. Even without weights, for someone such as myself who has no experience with this piece of equipment, executing the lift was challenging. I can only imagine how difficult it will be once I put some weight on it.

How does one lift it? Here's a short tutorial to show you the ropes.

These things are starting to show up around the valley. While you can buy your own, prices range from $275 to $500, with a few higher-quality pieces in the $600 range. In the world of "commercial" gym equipment, these prices are pretty reasonable.

The Strongman Log makes for an interesting exercise. Look around your gym. You probably won't spot it in the main areas, but it may be lurking in the corners. If your gym doesn't have one, you might hit up the manager and encourage them to add a Strongman Log to the gym's selection.

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