Without doing an actual test, it can be a bit tricky to decipher whether your symptoms are COVID -19 or just allergies, but there is a pretty simple way to tell.

While many of the symptoms of the two conditions are similar, there are definitely some differences that can help you make the distinction.

As the springtime allergy season kicks into high gear, Mesa County Public Health is offering some advice to help us decipher what might be COVID-19, and what might be just a simple case of seasonal allergies.

Which COVID Symptoms Are the Same As Allergies?

There is a handful of COVID-19 symptoms that mirror season allergies. MCPH says a  cough, headaches, and tiredness are common in both conditions. There are, however, several things that are different.

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Which Symptoms Are Different?

COVID-symptoms include fever or chills, body aches, loss of taste or smell, and shortness of breath. These symptoms would not be typical of allergy sufferers.

Allergy symptoms that are typically not associated with COVID-19 include sore throat, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, and a runny or stuffy nose. Further complicating the matter is that in both cases, symptoms are not necessarily identical from person to person.

CPVD-19 Testing is Still Important

People with allergies pretty much know how their bodies will react to springtime pollen and other irritants. Things could get a little confusing when other atypical symptoms come into play. That's why it's important to get tested at one of the local testing sites for COVID-19 if you start experiencing abnormal symptoms. We making progress in the fight against COVID-19 and this isn't the time to become complacent. It's also not a time to be super paranoid when you begin having symptoms that may be seasonal allergies.

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