The "Freestyle" soda fountain from Coca Cola showed up recently, and I didnt' like it. What I didn't realize was the diverse combinations of beverages you could craft from the machine. Now that its potential is understood, the combination of soft drinks one can make is almost limitless. What are your favorite drink combinations from the "Freestyle" machine?

At a glance, it appears as if the purpose of the machine to serve your drink from a single tap, thus saving space. Upon further investigation, it becomes clear to everyone but me that the machine can mix beverages to the exact ratio required. For example, check out these 11 popular combinations from


  • Mezzo Mix - Coke and Fanta Orange
  • Rasparilla - Barq's Root Beer and Fanta Raspberry
  • Cherry Sundae - Sprite Cherry and Sprite Vanilla
  • The "11-Year-Old" - pretty much everything
  • All Fanta - Grape, Lime, Raspberry, and and Peach
  • Grapevine - Fanta Grape, Sprite Grape, and Grape Mellow Yellow
  • Mr. Barq's - Barq's Root Beer and Mr. Pibb
  • Sex On The Beach - Fanta Zero Peach and Fanta Zero Rasperry  and Cherry
  •  Strawberry Daiquiri - Fanta Zero Lime and a tiny bit of Fanta Strawberry
  • Half & Half - Diet Mr. Pibb plus Minute Maid Light
  • Super Chery Coke - Cherry Coke Zero and Cherry Sprite Zero

So what's going on inside that machine? Is there some little bartender guy in there mixing these things up? Is Kenny Baker in there?

Another attribute about the machine would be its uncanny ability to mix the beverages in combinations far superior to the already marketed combinations. In other words, the "Freestyle" machine's Cherry Coke combination is drastically better than the Cherry Coke you buy in the store, or that you would find on a typical dispenser.

Vote for your favorite. If you don't see it on the list, write it in, and it will added promptly.

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