Have you ever found yourself in need of an exorcism? Sometimes it just happens. If you find yourself in a jam, who can you turn to in Colorado?

There are a number of services around the country offering Exorcisms. Some are located right here in Colorado. Granted, people offering exorcisms don't exactly exist in abundance. When possessed by a demon, though, you can't really be choosy. Here's a look at a few options for when it's time for your demon(s) to hit the road.

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What Brought This Up?

Just last week, on October 4, 2023, I had the pleasure of watching the 50th Anniversary presentation of The Exorcist. Oh, let me assure you, this viewing didn't take place while peeking from under the covers in the privacy of my own home. No, not at all. This, my very first time seeing the movie The Exorcist, took place at the luxurious West Wind Drive-In theater in Reno, Nevada.

The Exorcist at Drive In Theater in Reno, Nevada (1)
Waylon Jordan

That Wednesday night, while in the company of about a dozen other cars loaded with screaming kids, I sat alone in my rental car, a luxurious Mitsubishi roughly the same size as the average person's big toe, armed with a box of Junior Mints for protection, prepared to be scared to death by this Academy Award-winning movie.

Spoiler Alert: It's not that scary.

Not Taking This Lightly at All

Please don't think for a minute that the matter is being taken lightly. Not at all. If anything, the movie only reinforced my beliefs when it comes to possession. For this reason, after the movie, it seemed wise to look into the matter.

Who Does One Turn To When It Comes to an Exorcism?

According to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, an Exorcism is a "...specific form of prayer that the Church uses against the power of the devil."

Who Can Perform an Exorcism?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops adds, "A priest may be appointed to the office of exorcist either on a stable basis or for a particular occasion (ad actum) by the diocesan bishop. In either case, the exorcist should work closely with, and under the direction of, the bishop."

Other Options

Believe it or not, back in 2012 Huffington Post reported the Catholic diocese of Milan had created a special exorcism hotline. An attempt was made this morning to call the published number. I got a busy signal.

Options Right Here In Colorado

One service, Powerfulexorcist.com, states, "We have given exorcism services in Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Aspen, Aurora, Fort Collins, Pueblo and many other cities..."

According to the website, services they offer include:

  • Devil exorcism chants
  • Catholic deliverance prayers for healing
  • Exorcism deliverance and healing
  • Prayer for deliverance from evil spirits
  • Removal of incubus and succubus
  • Prayer for deliverance and breakthrough
  • Casting out demons and devils
  • Deliverance from demons
  • Short Exorcism spells, chants, prayers and rites
  • Removal of demonic oppression
  • Prayers for healing deliverance protection exorcisms
  • Ghost possession removal
  • Catholic exorcism prayer for a house
  • Deliverance prayer from evil
  • Powerful exorcism prayer
  • Buddhist exorcism mantra
  • Emergency priest service
  • Deliverance from evil spirits
  • Exorcism prayer for a house
  • Exorcism prayer supernatural

Other Forms of 'Exorcisms' In Colorado

If you do a search, you'll find several hits in Colorado for "exorcisms." Be advised, however, that some are taking a few liberties when it comes to the term. For example, Rocky Mountain IV Medics offer what they call "The Exorcism IV." They claim, "The Exorcism IV will help your body flush out those demons and start feeling great. It is a combination of a Myers Cocktail (B Complex, Zinc, B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Glutathione) with Toradol, 2 Doses of Zofran, Pepcid, Benadryl, Extra Dose of b12, 1000 mgs of Glutathione and 5000 mgs of Vitamin C." Originally, this concoction was only offered during the Halloween season. After review, though, they decided to keep it around due to the "... spooky good results."

In the unlikely event you find yourselves in need of an exorcism, whether it be spiritual or medical, it's nice to know you have options right here in Colorado. In the meantime, if you haven't seen it, or if it's been a while, take a moment to catch a viewing of the 50th anniversary of The Exorcist.

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