It's weekend time and for many of you that means drinks at the club, if you can get the bartenders attention that is! Today we're asking folks the best way to get your bartenders association . . .

If you're small like me it, it can sometimes be hard to grab anyone's attention in a crowded dimly lit location, let alone the bartender whose already swamped and mad cuz they're working and you're not!

But no worries I have tracked down a list of things guaranteed to get your bartenders attention:
· Large Breasts &/or Money Clip
· A Health Inspectors Badge
· Making Out With Their Ex at the Bar
· Pulling out Your Own Beer
· American Express Black Card
· Sign That Says “I Tip 35% Percent”

I have personally found that the last one works best for me. I don't wear a sign of course but the first drink I buy I make sure I place a large tip in the bartenders hands then I make sure to return to the same person all evening, not only do they then give you quick service, they usually remember what you're drinking and it's doesn't take near as long to get your drink!

So what do you do to get the bartenders attention?

Listen at 8:50 to hear what others have to say and see if you win a pair of passes to Regal Cinema's for your feedback!

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