Would you like to further your education? Are you looking for a job? Perhaps you could kill two birds with one stone at this Grand Junction fast food restaurant.

I saw this sign earlier today while visiting the Home of the Whopper. The sign appeared this morning at the Burger King at 1st and White.

If you follow through to the website, bk-scholars.com, you'll be directed to the application page. The Burger King Scholars program assists employees, their partners, and their children, with furthering their education. This is available to employee's and their families in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

According to the website, this program has awarded more than $35 million in scholarships to over 33,000 recipients. In 2017, $3.7 million was awarded to more than 3,400 students.

The Burger King McLamore Foundation was established 13 years ago. The Foundation brings employees, franchisees, suppliers, and guests together to make a positive impact on the community.

Is it just me, or is this awesome? Looking back on my younger days, I don't seem to recall employers offering opportunities such as this. My boss wouldn't even give me time off to take care of my academic responsibilities, let alone offer a scholarship to further my education.

This is extraordinarily cool. Kudos to the owners, management, and employees of this restaurant for contributing to this program. Stop by the store and get more details.

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