Nothing to do this weekend? How about exploring an old abandoned nuclear missile base right here in Colorado?


Now, I would NEVER advocate illegal activity, so I do NOT advise anyone to do this for threat of arrest or other police involvement.  

That is why some others have done it and have provided us with a ton of pictures and this awesome video of what an actual nuclear missile silo looks like. Looks pretty cool, if you ask me.

YouTube footage courtesy of TheUnknownCameraman gives us a virtual tour of what is left of this base near Denver in Deer Trail.

It was part of the Titan 1 ICBM missile project. 18 underground missile complexes across five states housing 15 ICBM nuclear missiles. Construction was started in 1959 at a cost of more than 1.6 billion.

Some other 'explorers' have documented their expeditions as well. Check out this site, for some cool pictures.

Also, this link has a bunch of photos from another groups journey underground.

How cool would this be? Pretty darn cool if you ask me. However, since i don't really feel like getting arrested, I will have to live vicariously through others that thumb their nose at authority and take those types of risks.

However, if you HAPPEN to be traveling to Denver, I could be talked into riding along.

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