When you hear about cars or homes being hit with eggs you automatically assume this was done by kids and this very well could be the case but one homeowner in Palisade is still very upset that his car and home were hit.

As I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday I was a post in the What's Happening Palisade, CO/ Palisade Message Board group about cars and homes being egged and I wanted to help get the word out. Tim Gray was the person who posted online yesterday as he woke up to find multiple eggs thrown at his car and his home. There were also eggs around the neighborhood that luckily missed their mark so they were just on the ground.

One thing is certain if Tim finds out who egged his vehicle and home he will be contacting the police department to file vandalism charges. And I believe most people would do the same thing if they were in Tim's situation.

The reason I really wanted to write about this is that I understand kids make dumb decisions. I have made more than my fair share. But this is a big mistake and could lead to criminal charges, so please make sure you remind your kids that throwing eggs at anything is a very bad decision.

If you're wondering where these eggs were thrown specifically, it took place on Logan Court in Palisade. Let's hope whoever is responsible for this damage realizes how stupid it was and won't repeat these actions again.

Eggs Thrown In Palisade

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