An Aurora, Colorado homeowner was shot and killed by police on Monday after the man shot a naked intruder.

The homeowner, Richard "Gary" Black, Jr. was a decorated Army veteran and was protecting his grandson, who was asleep on the couch when the man broke into his home and grabbed the young boy, pulling him into the bathroom and attacking him. After repeated attempts to pull him off of the child, Black grabbed his gun and shot the man, identified as Dajon Harper, 26.

Harper was a known gang member and had a long list of past violations and had recently been released from the Department of Corrections.

Family members and the attorney for Black state he should not have been shot because he was protecting those inside his home from an intruder, pursuant to Colorado's Make My Day law.

That law states homeowners may use deadly force on an intruder(s) who unlawfully enter their home. This is obviously the case here, as the man not only broke in but was naked.

How do you justify shooting a homeowner trying to protect his family and his home?

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