Home Free's new music video for "Cover Me Up" has a special significance for group member Adam Chance. At the end of the clip, the singer proposes to his girlfriend in some candid footage taken at home.

The real-life romance clinches the touching video for the vocal group's cover of a Jason Isbell tune. Preceding Chance's proposal in the clip is a stylized story about a couple falling in love and getting engaged. It's threaded among serene performance shots of the Home Free vocalist and his bandmates.

But it all comes to a head with the final portion of the video. Before the big moment, an onscreen prompt fills viewers in on the details. "On March 17th 2020 Chance made the biggest decision of his life," it reads.

"I had carried the ring around the entire tour in preparation for that day," Chance tells People. "But on March 12, we had to suddenly cancel the rest of our tour and head home due to the pandemic. So, there I was, sitting at home, unsure of when or where I'd even have an opportunity to make it happen, considering we were stuck inside our home for the foreseeable future."

He continues, "March 17 was our two-year anniversary, so I just decided to go for it. We were wearing onesies, and she thought we were about to record something goofy for Instagram — but I got down on one knee instead. I couldn't wait. It was the best decision I've ever made."

Chance had first hoped to propose to his girlfriend in Paris, where Home Free were due to perform on March 15. The show would have been part of the group's Dive Bar Saints World Tour, now curtailed due to the coronavirus.

Luckily, the singer was quick to think up the intimate back-up plan. Now the happy couple can begin their married lives together with the romantic "Cover Me Up" music video as a happy memory.

Chance's longtime girlfriend, Samantha (Sami) Matarante, was surprised by a custom engagement ring. The one-of-a-kind piece features a moonstone with a topaz overlay and accent diamonds on a gold band.

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