Your Grand Junction neighbors definitely have some opinions when it comes to setting off personal fireworks.

For the sake of this discussion, when I say "fireworks" I'm actually talking about firecrackers like Black Cats, M-80s, and Lady Fingers - things that make loud popping noises or booming explosions.

I understand that fireworks are part of the Fourth of July celebration, even the big booming ones that are most likely illegal. I want people to have fun and enjoy the holiday. Unfortunately, the person whose pleasure is loud noises can often conflict with the person whose pleasure is peace and quiet. So how do we make both people happy?

I asked the question on Facebook, "what is a reasonable time to expect people to stop setting off fireworks at night?" There are a number of different angles to this.

Another angle has to do with pets. There are plenty of us who have pets that are terrified of the fireworks - and it can make for a long sleepless night if the fireworks continue into the wee hours of the morning.

And, then the other side of the coin is those who believe we should just let it go for a day. I think I could agree with that if it was in fact just one day, but, unfortunately, it turns in to much more than just a single night of sleeplessness.

Think about this. When you set off exploding fireworks, you aren't just affecting your next door neighbors,  your pleasure is being heard up and down the street, across the street, behind you, and even surrounding blocks. Remember the Golden Rule and put yourself in your neighbors' shoes. We aren't telling anyone not to have some Fourth of July fun, we are just asking, pleading, begging and suggesting that the fun doesn't happen in the middle of the night.

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