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Are you familiar with the "beehive" structure on Patterson near Pomona Elementary School? It's been there forever. Well, it's about to move on down the road... literally. You're invited to help send it on its way.

The iconic structure, a good 90 years old now, is presently located at 2580 Patterson Road. It was the property of Sanders Beehive Market.

The beehive was once a honey stand that sold the wares of the Sanders Beehive Ranch. You probably noticed the sign in the yard reading "Sanders Hydraulics." At one time this property was hopping.

Saunders Beehive
Mesa County Historical Society

I walked past this thing every day for seven years on my way to school at Pomona. For the record, when I went to Pomona, it was K-6, as opposed to today's K-5. The reason for my spending seven years there had nothing to do with being held back (which I wasn't, despite what people say about me). My family used to live just up the hill. This structure, in my opinion, is very much a Grand Junction landmark.

No doubt you've noticed the land development directly west of Sanders' place on Patterson. Well, that development is moving one more notch to the east, and the Sanders' property is scheduled to be cleared.

After months of negotiations and fundraising, a group has successfully executed the "Save the Beehive" movement. The structure was set to meet face to face with a wrecking ball. However, thanks to efforts from the community, it has been saved.

According to a press release from Mesa County Historical Society, the beehive will be relocated to the historic Mahan Manor on Orchard Mesa. Crews will be on the scene this Saturday, December 19, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. to lift it onto a truck and make its move to its new home.

This will be something to see. I, for one, am delighted it has been saved. Please make plans to attend it's going away party.

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