In advance of the release of her WildHorse album, RaeLynn has shared another one of its tracks, "Insecure." The song is a girl-power anthem, encouraging women to have confidence in themselves and in the men who love them.

Thus far, fans have heard two other tracks from WildHorse: the heartbreaking first single, about loss in divorce, “Love Triangle,” and the heartwarming song about joy in marriage, “Diamonds." "Insecure," meanwhile, is all about finding confidence in the one who loves you … and in yourself!

"I wanted this song to be like a pep talk,” RaeLynn tells ET. “Like, [the lyrics that say] 'Don't get insecure / He's not into her / She's playing dirty all flirty from across the room / You might think that girl's a 10 / But she doesn't count to him.’ I love that line in the song because it's so true.

"I know that I have girl crushes! When a girl walks in, I'll be like, 'Damn, she looks good!' and I'm like, 'I wonder what he thinks about her?'" the singer adds. "But when you find a man that's in love with you, they don't even look at her. They just see you."

Throughout 2016, RaeLynn has worked to made her mark on country music with vulnerable and honest songs about love and loss and the beauty that comes with finding true community with another person. She co-write every song (except one!) on her upcoming debut album, sharing bits of her life story in every track.

“Every lyric takes you through a part of my journey these last four years — this record is my college experience in a lot of ways,” RaeLynn says. “I graduated from high school, moved away from my parents and started a life on my own. I fell in love, had my heart broken and then found love again. I married the man of my dreams, and now we’re starting a life together. All the highs and lows from these last four years are here."

WildHorse is set for release on Dec. 2.

Listen to RaeLynn, "Insecure":

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