RaeLynn gets personal in her new song, "Me About Me." The former The Voice star shares the story of a one-sided relationship in the thoughtful new track.

In the relationship in question, RaeLynn's partner did all the talking while she constantly lent a listening ear. The first verse has her relaying all the little details of his life she remembers, from his love of the rain and classic country music to the fact that his first kiss took place during a game of Truth or Dare.

Then, however, she dives into her own story, using the chorus to tell her former lover that he could've learned more about her life had their roles had been reversed. She knew the relationship was bound to end, she says, when that sense of interest was not reciprocated.

"But the reason why I love to spend my time in the Bible / Or the reason why I play guitar to help with my survival / Or why I start to cry when I watch my daddy leave / You would know / If you asked me about me," RaeLynn professes with her summery vocals in the chorus, over a pop-country melody.

RaeLynn co-wrote "Me About Me" with Bob DiPiero and Jeff Garrison, stemming from a conversation she had with a friend: “We were talking about past relationships, and I told her about a situation with an ex where I knew everything about him, but he never asked me about me,” the singer explains. “It made me realize that I wasn’t alone. A lot of people have probably had the experience of a relationship being one-sided like that.”

"Me About Me" will be featured on RaeLynn's upcoming EP, named after her hometown in Texas, Baytown. The previously released songs "Bra Off" and "Keep Up" are also included on the six-track project, which is set for release on Aug. 14.

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