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[UPDATE @ 7:15 p.m on 7/22/2020 - We were just informed that the two underage girls have been found safe in Utah. Thank you for helping spread the word to get the girls home safely.

I first came across these details on the What's Happening Palisade, CO/Palisade Message Board on Facebook. Mariah Tezak is the mother of one of the missing girls and she is desperate to get the girls home quickly.

Here are the details that I confirmed with Mariah after just speaking with her on the phone. The two missing girls are 14-year-old Ily Tezak and 16-year-old Dezirae Sarti, both last seen after 2:00 a.m. last night.

The crazy night began around 2:00 a.m. when Ily's mom Mariah had to report to Canyon View Park to pick up the two girls who were at the park with three boys (two 17-year-olds and one 19-year-old). Law enforcement let the two girls leave with their mom and on the way home the girls were informed there would be punishment for sneaking out. Evidently the ladies didn't want to stick around and deal with the consequences and they have left again.

At this point, neither of the girls' parents have any idea of where they might be. But they are scared to death for their girls and want them home immediately. Law enforcement for both Palisade and Grand Junction have been made aware of the situation.

If you know where Ily or Dezirae might be right now you're encouraged to reach out to Mariah Tezak at 303-667-9926 or you can call LeAnn Sarti at 970-270-7837. No matter what the back story is these teenage girls need to be at home with their family where they are safe. Please if you know anything make sure you contact one of their parents or law enforcement immediately.

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