Like most of you, I overate at Thanksgiving! I put plenty of gravy on my mashed potatoes and my stuffing and went back for seconds. I got a belly ache, so I drank some dandelion tea. I did not do my research on dandelion tea. Someone had told me that it helped with weight loss around the belly, so I just took their word for it.

I had the worst belly ache after Thanksgiving than I have ever had in my life. I wasn't sure if I had gas or what. Or possibly coming down with the flu. So, I kept drinking the dandelion tea, and I kept going to the bathroom.
Dandelion tea helps with digestion thank goodness! My stomach could have been worse.

The dandelion helps as a mild laxative and helps clean the liver.
I now have a new best friend, and it tastes good too. Do your research and see if dandelion tea is for you.

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