Balut is a bird embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. I heard about it when I lived on the Island of Guam, and many Philippinos loved it.

What do you love eating that everyone else would think you a little strange for eating it? I asked the question about what types of food do you enjoy eating? Here are some of my answers a hot dog with tuna on it, hey maybe he is onto something?

I know it doesn't sound right to me, but everyone is different and has different taste buds.

I asked the question of what types of weird sandwiches do you eat, and my responses were interesting. One guy loved peanut butter and bacon, grilled cheese and chocolate chips, pizza, pickles between two pieces of bread with ranch dressing. Another one was peanut butter, and mayonnaise and I had more than one person call in who loved peanut butter banana and bacon.

One woman loved peanut butter and onion and other likes toast sprinkled with nestle's quick. What do you like to eat?

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