The U.S. Forest Service has announced it is postponing the permit system and shuttle service for the Hanging Lake area until next year.

The Forest Service had announced recently that they would be going to the system in an attempt to limit the number of visitors to the area to 615 per day to try and limit the exposure to the lake's ecosystem.

With the recent reports of vandalism and other infractions that have occurred there, it was felt restricting access was going to be the best way to go about protecting the area, but is now going to be delayed.

The reason for the delay, the registration fee system and shuttle buses have yet to be completed. This delay gives the Forest Service a little extra time to work out everything associated with the changes so that they can move forward without issues.

If you are planning to take the 1.2-mile hike up to Hanging Lake, please remember to follow the rules posted. (No dogs, no fishing, no swimming or body contact of any type with the water, no parking along I-70 and remember, drones are prohibited.) Also, please keep in mind the beauty you see here is meant for all who brave the hike to see this amazing site.

Source: US News

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