Do you know of a non-emergency matter in Grand Junction needing to be addressed? The city launched a new tool where you can report these issues online. Take a test drive with the City of Grand Junction's new Report A Concern app.

Do you know of a road needing repair? How about a lot where weeds are getting out of control. Not only can you report these matters, you can also see reports filed by other residents.

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Report Non-Emergency Issues in Several Areas

Obviously, if a genuine emergency is taking place, you should contact 9-1-1 immediately.  What about matters such as a downed tree or road damage? That's where this app comes in handy.

Select From Several Categories

You can express concerns regarding a number of issues including:

  • weeds
  • code enforcement
  • roads
  • sidewalks
  • streetlights
  • water
  • sewer
  • parks
  • trees

See Posts From Other Residents

Not only can you post on the app, but you can also see what others have reported. One example currently shown on this tool includes a concern about a tree blocking the view of oncoming traffic:

This tree blocks the view when you need to pull out onto highway 50 from the Dairy Queen in Orchard Mesa. Whether you're pulling out onto the highway or driving on the highway going towards Montrose it is causing the inability to people driving East or people pulling out onto the highway.

That report was filed just yesterday, Tuesday, October 12, 2021. The status on the post confirms it has been submitted with action pending.

Grand Junction Report a Concern App

Reporting a Concern

When reporting a concern, you have can include a photo and place a pin on the map where the concern is located. Using the mobile app, you can locate your concern with your device’s location service.

New Spin on an Old Feature

The City of Grand Junction's webpage used to feature a tool called the Fix-It Form. The new Report a Concern Tool replaces that feature. Over the years I've had reason to used the Fix-It Form. It worked like a charm.

Every now and then it happens, you find yourself in a spot where you see something needing attention but doesn't warrant a call to 9-1-1. That's where this tool/app comes in. Keep it handy on your mobile device.

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