I love asking questions like this simply because of the completely random things that people bring up as useful. There are no wrong answers here Grand Junction, so if you have yet to join us in making a suggestion just scroll through the photo gallery and you'll find the link at the end.

You can also hit the app chat feature on our station app to join in on the question of the day that way. Keep em coming! We've only just begun discovering useful things we didn't even know about.

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What Is The Most Useful Thing You Own?

Even if the most useful thing is some goofy gadget you found while checking out at a big box store, we want to hear about it.

From tractors to cell phones, and from ninja foodies to the bible, here come our Top 25 answers for some of the most useful things we own.

The 25 Most Useful Things We Own in Grand Junction

We asked our listeners "What is the most useful thing you own?" Scroll through the gallery and then find the link to add yours to the list of usefulness.

The Best Teacher I Ever Had Was...

We're saying thanks to our favorite teachers in Grand Junction and beyond with your comments from our Facebook page. There is still time to add a teacher who made a difference in your life. The best part is some of the teachers have seen these comments, and it totally made their day!

Travel Back in Time and Visit These Historic Places Around Colorado's Mesa County

Enjoy a tour through Grand Junction as we check out the listings of historical places throughout Mesa County.

When Will Colorado See Fall Color Changes 2021

It's been a very hot and dry summer in Western Colorado. The good news is that this means the fall color change may arrive just a tad earlier than last year. Here's a look at when the colors will start to pop.

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