The world has no shortage of songs that get on our nerves from time to time. Ever have a song that you liked stuck in your head until it slowly became one you could no longer stand?

Maybe it was a song you like that was suddenly used in a commercial or TV show, and now you have to run away every time you hear it? Well, it's all in good fun, but we asked which songs are the worst ones to have stuck in your head all day?

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We're Calling Out Titles from All Styles

Every kind of music comes with a few songs that maybe should never have been shared with humanity. From Bennie and the Jets to Baby Shark, the list below contains several titles we can probably all agree have annoyed us at one time or another. Grab our station app and share a title that you can't stand to have stuck in your head.

Which Song is the Most Annoying According to You?

We got lots of mentions for Baby Shark, the Barney Song, several disco titles, and many a Disney song as ones that we don't want to be stuck in our heads. The Friday song, Call Me Maybe, and YMCA are also up there on the list. Annoying surprises included The Beatles, Star Wars theme songs, 'What does the fox say?', and 'If I only had a brain' also made the list.

Tips for Getting an Annoying Song out of Your Head

Chewing gum is supposed to help you get annoying songs out of your head. Another tip is to give in and listen to the stupid song you keep singing. It seems like this might only make it worse. Other suggestions include listening to a talk show, playing a game, or starting a conversation with someone to get that tune out of your brain.

Scroll on to see the songs we can't stand when they are stuck in our heads.

Grand Junction Selects the Worst Songs To Get Stuck In Your Head

Sometimes the most annoying song can be stuck in your head all day. We asked you which songs are the worst. Scroll through the list of titles that get on our nerves the most according to you.

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