What in the world happened to this popular burger joint on Horizon Drive in Grand Junction? I would swear it was open last Monday.

Horizon Drive's Home of the Whopper is gone. The doors are locked, windows boarded up, and signs removed. I was right next door just four days ago, and I would swear they were up and running.

Waylon Jordan

The Burger King at 739 Horizon Drive is kaput. There are no signs of life to speak of. How on Earth could a store operating on that busy stretch of road close down?

I spoke with the manager at the Burger King at 1st and White in Grand Junction. According to her, business at the Horizon Drive location has been down ever since construction began on a nearby roundabout. That's not surprising. In my opinion, even with the roundabouts completion, it was very difficult to pull into the parking lot at that BK location.

According to the sign on the front door:

Thank you to our loyal customers for your patronage. We have been honored to serve you here on Horizon Drive. Sadly, we have decided not to renew our lease at this location.

I really hate to see this happen. Admittedly, my adventures rarely take me to Horizon Drive. I would have to drive past three other Burger King restaurants to get to the Horizon Drive location. Regardless, it is always upsetting to see a business close.

Thank you to those who staffed this location over the years. You ran a tight ship. This Grand Junction business will be missed.

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