Casey Dittmer is a Grand Junction photographer who makes pregnant women look and feel even more amazing than they already are.

Casey, a maternity photographer was recently honored by being named the 2018 Maternity Photographer of the Year in Australia.  And looking at the pictures she has taken makes you understand why.

The women who come to her for their maternity photographs do so because they know they will look incredible and, well, glamorous. For some women, they feel the pictures allow them to feel that way, even though they may feel less glamorous, which is ridiculous because pregnant women are beautiful, but that's my opinion, of course.

Casey isn't just a photographer, either. She also designs and makes the clothes the women wear, with an eye towards how exceptional it will make her subjects feel.

In talking with Casey, she feels the photographs empower pregnant women, letting them feel as beautiful as they are. She puts the sessions together with the way a supermodel photographer would, using storyboards and other creative measures to put together the things that make her subjects feel and look amazing.

Her use of light and surroundings make for some amazing photography. And, despite winning awards from all over the globe, Casey says they will remain right here in the Grand Valley. She is hopeful that her work sets new standards in the industry.

I would say she has already succeeded, wouldn't you?

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