Have you purchased ammunition lately from a Grand Junction retailer? If so, where did you find the best deals?

Just last week I purchased a number of boxes of ammunition. Now, I'm setting appointments to meet with lenders so I can take out a second mortgage on my house. That stuff is expensive. It's a difficult concept: fork over big bucks for shells you can use once.

Back in 2018, I purchased a gun club membership for my dad. He liked guns, but couldn't make peace with the idea of wasting money on ammunition. My dad was the kind of guy that bought a power tool and made it last 50 years. It seems I'm the same way.

I have a gun club membership now and enjoy going to the practice range. As much of a miser as I am, it is difficult to burn through $20 worth of ammo.

Friends have recommended various stores and pawn shops around the valley. When it comes to ammo, it seems everybody has their favorite stores and their favorite brands. What I really need is guidance. For my purposes, what is needed is good target ammo at the best price. Top-of-the-line products, at least in my opinion, are not necessary for the practice range.

It's amazing how many stores in Grand Junction sell ammo. To be blunt, driving all over town looking for deals is getting boring. Bargain hunting is not my thing.

Can you help me out? Where in Grand Junction will you find the best one-stop-shop for ammunition? It doesn't matter if it's a big national chain, a mom-and-pop brick and mortar store, or a pawn shop. We're talking the most ammunition for the least money.

Here's a shortlist to get us started. If someone has been missed, please write in their name, and it will be added.

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