You've heard of cars known as "Woodies." Whoever made this car took the term a bit literally. The most interesting car in Grand Junction is for sale right now. This might just be "your automobile."

By now everyone has seen this wooden car parked on the corner of 4th and North Avenue. You can't help but notice the wood materials on this vehicle are more than just decorations. See those sideboards? Those are solid planks of... wood.

When you hear people talking about "Woodies," what exactly are they talking about (as it pertains to automobiles)? According to Wikipedia, a Woodie is:

A car body style with rear bodywork constructed of wood framework with infill wood panels.

What's the breakdown on this car? Here are the stats:

  • 4 cylinder
  • 5 speed
  • Built on a 1986 Mazda chassis
  • Can easily do 60+ miles per hour
  • Comes with a title

Yes, this car is title-able. Does it have seat belts? None to speak of. How about a radio? How about "no."

This car is truly remarkable. The person responsible for the woodwork must have received an "A+" in wood shop. What about the interior? It's a bit spartan, but functional.

The owner at Valley Auto invites you to take a test drive. To be honest, it's kind of tempting.

Now for the big question: How much? This little beauty could be yours for the low, low price of $3,600.

Be the first and only person in your neighborhood to own one of these little beauties. Get yours today!

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