Imagine spending a peaceful evening picnicking alongside this quiet little creek just off the river in Western Colorado. Where exactly will you find this tranquil location?

The spot looks something out of a novel. Grass, a few trees, and a quiet little brook. Is this the perfect place to go for a little solitude?

Put simply, no. Take a look at what resides a few feet north of this peaceful scene. This is probably the last place you want to go if you're searching for a little peace and quiet.

This spot is located on the Riverfront Trail, a matter of feet off of I-70. This portion of the trail is a few thousand feet west of Exit 26. To the south, you have state land with wildlife resting areas, and to the north, semis and tourists trekking Colorado at 75 miles per hour.

This is an excellent section of the Riverfront Trail. At times, though, it gets perilously close to the interstate. Give it a visit.

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